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[DVD] Prevail: How To Conquer Death

[DVD] Prevail: How To Conquer Death


The second coming of Jesus Christ is all that we are waiting for. So many of us are in the dark when it comes to the coming of our LORD. How does it play out? When will be the apocalypse? And how will the battle of Armageddon look like? How will the end times begin? Will I be good enough for the rapture? Will we even have a second chance at the 7 year tribulation? Or does the rapture come post tribulation?


Although these are good questions to ask, I think we have an even more urgent question to answer. What happens when you die? What is the truth about life? What is the truth about death? What is the truth about the afterlife? These are things that I used to contemplate before becoming a Christian. I would ask question after question concerning the character of God and why does He send people to the lake of fire to burn for eternity? Is there a way for us to conquer death and have eternal life?

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