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They say, "Stand up for what's right, peacefully not violently." Opportunists say, violently, "It is high time for anarchy!" Unfair and unlawful acts from tyrants through poverty from both sides of the coin and not just the side of authority. Let's ask the question then... Literal virus or spiritual? A genuine concern for your health? Protection from tension in the air or from being exposed as a criminal yourself? Maybe using airborne pestilences as an excuse to hide the admittedly shameful face of someone committing deep, selfish, cowardly actions, feeding the name of racism you so claim to want no part of. Which one do you mask your face for? "For nation shall rise against nation." Says Christ while predicting the engagement of race wars. Although it's not really about race, and He knew this. Exposed! Your face mask is useless. Do you think they are clueless? It's so interesting to see the immediate reaction on the face of a soul while it's motives are slightly revealed like an amateur slight-of-hand artist. I'd wear a mask too if I were you; not to suppress my identity to the masses but because I get up in the morning to look in the mirror too.

They say, "If you don't protest against these tyrants then your inaction is an action against the oppressed." This is puzzling to me. What about the soul of the meek? What about that One unlikely victim of racial oppression while He was hung on a cross by Romans... and Jews alike? While He bled, suspended in air, playing a flashback of the actions of His enemies whom mocked and beat Him to a pulp and tried to silence Him... He made zero attempts to protest against them because He was too busy protesting FOR them!

Yes, to Christ, black lives matter too, but the cry He made towards His Father while hanging by nails on a tree fashioned into a cross, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do," reveal to us that the lives of those who hung Him also matter. "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee," Proclaimed God in Jeremiah. Aborted lives matter as well.

You see, the reason why some don't engage in that popular kind of action is because they step back to look at the big picture, shaking their heads in dismay, knowing it's not about this nationality versus that nationality. That is just one of many wardrobes of the controversy. One sinner oppressing another sinner. Another sinner oppressing himself. An oppressor oppressing another oppressor while a bunch of oppressors use this opportunity to play the victim oppression and while focusing on one oppressed victim they ignore the millions of other weak and oppressed oppressors... and no outcry for those... We are like shackled horses with visors and blinders under the yoke being steered by the enemy.

Christ was heavily and mightily oppressed. The One who can speak things into existence, in an instant, can speak His oppressors out of existence but did nothing physically because He was trying to free His oppressors whom were also deeply oppressed. He died for them too. They protest your "injustice" one way and you protest theirs another way but your protest against their protest will do nothing for you or for them unless we reflect the protest of the One who protested for us all. God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Pray for your enemies that we see them in the kingdom too.

We are just as wicked as them and they as us.

Father in Heaven, forgive us all of our wickedness. Not just us little people on this side of the law but also those who abuse their authoritative power and have been deceived by the TRUE enemy.

In Jesus' mighty name.


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I agree with the above with one codicil, Christians are not second class citizens. We are told to turn the other cheek, but when the other is "offended", righteous anger is called for. Anger turned on society is never called for, anger against one who assaults me or "the throne" we call the White House is that, righteous. We choose our representatives, when that process is corrupted it is Duty to oppose.

Fathers will be done, and attempts to stall it will come to naught. We are free to fight in any legal manner that attempts to bring Justice and equal treatment under law. It is our duty as Citizens. 11/19/20.

How do I find those who worship on th…


Well said. Thank you. ❤️

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